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MeCat depends on three packages: Java 5.0, Xerces-J and LaTeX. On newer opensuse distributions, all three can be installed with yast2. You have two possibilities to install those packages with yast2:
  1. Open yast2 and choose the packages manually. For this, you can use the search with the package names (java-1_5_0-sun, xerces-j2 and latex-ucs)
  2. or you give yast2 the command to install the three packages directly:
    yast2 --install java-1_5_0-sun xerces-j2 latex-ucs
    However, this causes already installed packages to be reinstalled.

MeCat itself

You install MeCat with the command:
rpm --install mecat-1.4.5-1.noarch.suse.rpm
MeCat can be run with:
Or you can start it from the start menu.