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Here is a list of questions I have been asked about MeCat.

I have created a new catalog. Why can't I create an entry (dvd, cd, vhs, ...)?

Check if you are in edit mode. You can switch from view mode to edit mode and vice versa by a click on the padlock at the right end of the toolbar.

MeCat has two operation modes:

  1. Edit mode:
    For creating and editing entries.
  2. View mode:
    For compact viewing of the stored entries.

Why does MeCat have an export/import for software X, but not for software Y?

Simple answer, because no one made a feature request for an export/import for software Y. If you have a software Y that you wish an import or export for, then you can make a feature request at the project-page.

Where can I ask a question about MeCat?

You can use the help forum to ask any question and to get support. The help forum can be found at the project-page.